Gift Certificates for Friends and Family

Are you looking for the perfect gift for friends and family? Gift Certificates to any event held at Urban Night Signs is perfect for your friends and family!

Why is a gift certificate from Urban Night Signs such an awesome, thoughtful present?

  • An event night from Urban Night Signs is fun! Your friends and family get more than just a sign; they get a fun & relaxing night out.
  • It’s redeemable all year round! This allows them to attend any event night that fits their schedule.
  • You’re helping to create memories for years to come!
Perfect gift for friends and family all year 'round!

Buying your gift card is easy! Simply purchase your gift certificate and we’ll email it to you as a PDF with your assigned verification code. Print your gift certificate from your printer, write down the verification code you received in your email on the supplied field (to prove authenticity) and give the gift to your friend or family member. You can also just forward the email with the verification code and the gift certificate!

If you do not receive your gift card within 24 hours, please check your junk folder, and make sure is on your email safe senders list.

How to Redeem Your Gift Certificate

To Redeem a gift certificate and attend your desired Sign painting event, visit our Pub Parties page of upcoming sign nights to see what scheduled event you’d like to attend.

Explore our ever growing gallery of Stencils to choose your preferred stencil/message for your sign.

Contact Urban Night Signs with the details of your preferred date and stencil by using our contact form, or email or phone 250-585-3383

Bring your gift certificate and just show up!

Received your Gift Certificate PDF as a gift but don’t have a printer?

That’s ok! When you contact Urban Night Signs to verify your Stencil choice and event night, you can simply forward the Gift Certificate with your details, and then just show up at your event night, or show the email with the PDF certificate and verification code on your phone. It’s really as simple as that!